How can we adapt

Adaptating to climate change challenges us to innovate and collaborate

Adaptation is an innovation and collaboration challenge. The Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme sets out the Scottish Government's aims and objectives and how to engage all of Scotland to reach them.

Crucially the programme recognises that no one organisation, business or community will be able to adapt in isolation. The SCCAP sets out how to help society better understand and address climate change, and the important role of providing access to information and tools.

The Adaptation Scotland Programme is a key mechanism in doing this. We build adaptation capacity through using sound science and encouraging partnerships and working together.

Many organisations are already doing work that contributes to climate resilience but isn’t necessarily called ‘adaptation’. This could be flood risk management, biodiversity action planning and urban greening programmes.

Many of these activities have multiple benefits. Being climate resilience can improve health and wellbeing, employment, education and tourism, to mention just some areas.

Collaborative working is essential to identify shared risks and cost-effective solutions.

Adaptation must be integrated at the heart of existing organisational processes such as risk management, business continuity planning and emergency planning. Climate adaptation is not an ‘optional extra’ but a key to future success.

We need to implement flexible, sustainable adaptation responses and create a Scotland that is constantly adapting and meets challenges with resilience and makes the most of its opportunities. 

For detailed guidance on how to plan for adaptation, read Adaptation Scotland’s “Five steps to managing your climate risks”.

For more inspiration, visit our case studies page.