Adaptation Learning Exchange

A programme to support organisations with adaptation planning

The Adaptation Learning Exchange (ALE) provides a collaborative process to support organisations with adaptation planning through the sharing of knowledge and ideas, highlighting good practice and increasing learning and networking opportunities to promote further work on adaptation to climate change. 

The ALE consists of two groups; the ALE network and the ALE introductory programme. The ALE network involves two staff members from 10 organisations who have completed the six month introductory programme. The network group receive continuous support from Adaptation Scotland through co-developing outputs and collaboratively delivering tasks and workshops. Participants also have the opportunity to attend one workshop on an adaptation topic of their choice.

The ALE introductory programme is a six month peer support programme, running from June to December. In the late spring of each year, organisations from both the public and private sector are invited to submit an application to join the ALE. On joining the programme, two staff members from each organistion have the opportunity to attend three workshops on different adaptation topics, enhancing learning and networking opportunities. In addition, Adaptation Scotland supports the organisation to produce an adaptation work plan for the duration of the programme. At the end of the six month programme, members are offered the chance to join the Adaptation Learning Exchange network. This year, the ALE introductory programme consists of six organisations. 

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