Capability Framework for a Climate Ready Public Sector

Date added: 03/07/2019

This comprehensive new guidance advises public sector organisations on how to adapt to climate change

Adaptation Capability Framework is the basis of Adaptation Scotland’s new guidance for the public sector. It draws upon the collective knowledge and experience of practitioners from local authorities, health boards, infrastructure providers, agencies, and university estates.

The Framework aims to promote a holistic approach to adaptation. Based on local and international experience, we have developed a ‘capability-maturity’ approach that draws upon the characteristics of well-adapting organisations. These are clustered into four adaptation capabilities for organisations, which can be developed by completing recommended tasks as you progress through four maturity stages.

The resulting framework is a pioneering capability-maturity approach that aims to support organisations adapt to climate change. It identifies four capabilities that need to be developed, and recommends tasks that support progress for organisations starting out to those leading the way.