Planning & Implementation Webinar

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Date added: 12/06/2020

A webinar describing and providing case study examples relating to the Planning & Implementation capability of the Adaptation Capability Framework.

Adaptation is a long-term challenge that requires strategic planning and implementation to achieve outcomes. That is why Planning & Implementation is one of the four capabilities comprising the Adaptation Capability Framework, Adaptation Scotland’s guidance to support public bodies to adapt to climate change. By developing this capability you will set appraised options into an adaptation strategy and action plan, adopting an approach that maintains flexibility and seeks pathways for an adaptation transition.

If you are currently using the Adaptation Capability Framework to help your organisation adapt to climate change, or even if you are just starting out, this webinar will provide you with valuable first-hand experience from two people who are helping lead the way.

Webinar speakers:

Mairi Davies from Historic Environment Scotland and Victoria Barby from the Scottish Parliament are gave us their first hand accounts of how they are approaching the ‘Planning & Implementation’ capability from our Adaptation Capability Framework to make their respective organisations more resilient to a changing climate.