Scotland's Climate Trends Handbook

Date added: 08/03/2017

This handbook describes the changes in weather patterns experienced in Scotland over the last century.

Created by Sniffer and the Met Office, the Climate Trend's Handbook draws on weather records stretching back to 1910 to give a comprehensive picture of how Scotland's climate has changed over the previous century.

Based on in-depth research and analysis, the Handbook sets down the current climate trends and provides the context against which future changes can be judged. For each weather variable the Handbook presents the results as:

  • a graph (time series) showing changes for each year since 1914, 1929, 1961, 1969 or 1971;
  • a table summarising average change over the period by each region;
  • a map of the patterns of change over the period for the whole of Scotland.

Access the Handbook here.