Welcome to Adaptation Scotland

At Adaptation Scotland, we provide advice and support to help Scotland be prepared and resilient to the effects of climate change.

We help public sector, businesses and communities to understand what climate change will mean across Scotland, and identify the best way for them to plan for the impact – taking the opportunities and preparing for the risks.

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Your sector

To get started it can be useful to see how climate change is affecting your sector and what the main drivers are for adaptation.

What is adaptation?

When our climate changes we need to make adjustments. This could be making changes to our buildings so they keep cool during hotter summers or are less at risk of being…

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Why adapt?

Scotland’s climate is already changing. Over the last century temperatures have increased, sea levels have risen and rainfall patterns have changed, with…

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How to adapt

Adaptation is a process of on-going adjustments in response to climate and non-climate drivers. Many adaptation toolkits and guides have been developed…

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Get involved

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    Climate Ready Places

    Explore how to make your place climate ready

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    Aberdeen Adapts - engaging communities through cultural practice

    Engaging with communities on climate change adaptation through the lens of art.

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    Raising awareness of adaptation with Residential Business Services at the University of St Andrews

    The Residential and Business Services department at the University of St Andrews have undertaken a climate impact assessment to identify the threats and opportunities of a changing climate to their operations.

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News & events

  • Updated UK Climate Projections Launched

    New climate projections will help improve work on adaptation in Scotland

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  • Recognising Adaptation at the VIBES Awards

    The Climate Change Adaptation Award showcased the excellent work already underway to manage climate risks and help society adapt to a changing climate

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  • VIBES Awards 2018 seeks to celebrate climate ready business champions with new adaptation commendation

    The annual VIBES Awards celebrates Scottish businesses which are taking steps to reduce their impact on the environment. This year a new commendation…

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