Climate change and extreme weather may disrupt the lives of staff and customers or clients. It could mean staff are unable to travel to work or tourists are unable to visit sites or events. However, a warming climate may provide more opportunity to be outdoors and for people to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

Climate impacts

  • Increased frequency and intensity of extreme rainfall events, causing flooding of business premises, may cause temporary closure resulting in job losses.
  • Hotter summers may impact the thermal comfort and productivity of employees in offices, as well as those that work outdoors, such as in the construction industry or in parks and gardens.
  • Extreme weather may disrupt the lives of individuals and communities, limiting access to vital services and impacting on people’s physical and mental health.
  • More variable and extreme weather events could impact commuters and those that work outdoors.
  • Reduced occurrence of frost and snowfall may have business implications for those that rely on the winter season.