The Benchmarking Tool helps illustrate an organisation’s adaptation journey. It should be used to provide a baseline assessment of your organisation’s current adaptation capabilities and how their development progresses over time. It highlights which capability areas the organisation is excelling at and others where more work may be needed. It can aid communication and engagement to show what your organisation is aiming for and the steps needed to get there.

The Benchmarking Tool aims to assess the adaptation progress of an organisation NOT an individual employee, team or department. The tool, therefore, may need to be completed by you or a small group of colleagues initially and then finalised through discussions with management and/or different departments.

The aim of benchmarking is to:

  • Describe your organisation's current adaptation capabilities and provide a baseline from which progress may be measured
  • Identify your current organisational position within the Adaptation Capability Framework
  • Illustrate what you've already done on adaptation and highlight where improvement is needed
  • Provide a way to understand and track ambitious change
  • Support project planning

The Benchmarking Tool was revised following user feedback and updated August 2020. Download the latest version here.

Adaptation Scotland hosts a Public Sector Climate Adaptation Network to support public bodies in using the Adaptation Capability Framework and benchmarking progress. Find out more about the Network's members and activities here.