Training, support and additional resources

The Adaptation Capability Framework is complemented by a suite of relevant training and support, and we will be adding more resources throughout the year.

We will be hosting a series of webinars to introduce users to the Adaptation Capability Framework, and understand how it can be used to build organisational capacity across the four capabilities to ensure that public sector organisations are adapting to climate change. We will also be covering some of the key concepts of climate change adaptation, and what the UK Climate Projections 2019 (UKCP19) mean for Scotland. Sign up for the Adaptation Scotland Newsletter to get updates on the webinars.

For ongoing support and opportunities to attend face to face training you can join the Adaptation Learning Exchange by contacting [email protected].

Webinar: Using the Benchmarking Tool

Webinar: Introducing the Adaptation Capability Framework

On 14 August 2019, we held a webinar to:

  • introduce the Framework's capabilities and maturity stages
  • explore the tasks and supporting materials that are available online
  • learn from two case studies of adaptation in action
    • Peter Robinson, Head of Engineering at Scottish Canals outlined their Asset Management Strategy's flexible approach that allows for long term planning and short term responsiveness to emerging climate risks.
    • Stewart Miller, Sustainable Environment Officer (Estates & Buildings) at the University of Glasgow introduced the University's Climate Change Adaptation Plan that is embedding climate ready thinking into estate management.

  • Slides available here.

    You can jump also jump straight to the case studies on Scottish Canals' Asset Management Strategy and University of Glasgow's Climate Change Adaptation Plan.