What does a climate ready Scotland look like? This is the question we started with to create our six ‘typical Scottish places’ for the Climate Ready Places project.

Adapting to climate change is a dynamic process. The focus differs depending on the threats and opportunities in a specific location, and how local assets and lives will be impacted by a changing climate.

This website is one component of the Climate Ready Places resources provided by Adaptation Scotland. Find out more here.

The ideas for adaptation were gathered from a dynamic workshop with people working on adaptation across Scotland and in many different sectors. The discussions at this workshop were captured in images drawn as participants described the characteristics of each place, and then how climate impacts and our adaptation response would change that location. You can see a video about the process here or below.

The project received additional funding from the Scottish Government, Scottish National Heritage and Historic Environment Scotland

Adaptation Scotland is a programme funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by Sniffer, to provide advice and support to help ensure that Scotland is prepared for, and resilient to, the impacts of climate change.

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