Useful external publications

Here are some of the web resources and publications we have found interesting over the last few months. Please let us know if you have a publication that you would like us to include on the list.

CCRA evidence report

UK Climate Risk Assessment 2017 Evidence report (UK Committee on Climate Change)

The climate change risks to coffee (The Climate Institute)

CoastAdapt test site

Australian CoastAdapt website (beta test version)

Integrating Climate Change Information and Adaptation in Project Development (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)

Resilient Melbourne (City of Melbourne and partners)

Climate change and labour: impacts of heat in the workplace (UN Development Programme)

C40 Cities Good Practice Guides (C40 Cities network)

Climate Change Resilience: an opportunity for reducing inequalities (UN World Economic and Social Survey 2016)

CDP Global Cities Collaborative Action Report 2016 (CDP & AECOM)

Planning for the climate challenge (Town and Country Planning Association)

UK Climate Risk Assessment 2017 Scotland summary (UK Committee on Climate Change)

Adaptation Futures report

Adaptation Futures 2016 conference report (Adaptation Futures)

Climate Change Adaptation Report 2016 (Trinity House)

Canada's Marine Coasts in a Changing Climate (Natural Resources Canada)

Living without electricity: one city's experience of coping with loss of power (Lancaster University, Royal Academy of Engineering & IET)

Resilient Rotterdam (City of Rotterdam and partners)

Climate change impacts report cards: incl. Agriculture & Forestry, Biodiversity, Water, Infrastructure, and Health (Natural Environment Research Council)

Urban adaptation guidance videos (EU RAMSES project)

Opportunities to enhance the nation's (USA) resilience to climate change (White House Council on Climate Preparedness and Resilience)

Toolkit for resilience of healthcare services for older people (Durham & Heriot Watt Universities)

Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme independent assessment 2016 (UK Committee on Climate Change)

Our Resilient Glasgow (City of Glasgow and partners)

Tomorrow's Railway and Climate Change Adaptation (RSSB)

Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe 2016 (European Environment Agency)

Public health in a changing climate (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

The impacts of climate change on human health in the United States (U.S. Global Change Research Programme)

Strategies for Embedding Climate Change Adaptation in Public Sector Organisations (RMIT University)

The winter floods of 2015/16 in the UK: a review (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology)

Arctic Resilience Report 2016 (Arctic Council & Stockholm Environment Institute)

Our Place on Earth: 3 video case studies of climate action (Pretty Good Productions)