Are We Ready facilitators pack

Date added: 11/08/2016

A set of resources developed for communities to have a conversation about what a changing climate will mean for them.

Talking about the weather and climate change

How can your community be better prepared for the impacts of climate change? Are We Ready? is a resource for communities to talk about our changing climate as a starting point for getting climate ready.

The Are We Ready? resource includes the short film below, information about the key consequences of climate change and a guide to running the Are We Ready? workshop in your community.

Starting a conversation will enable you to involve others in preparing for a changing climate. You can use our film to start conversations with other groups such as your Community Council; parent and toddler groups; schools and youth groups for example.

Find out how other communities have used the Are We Ready? resource, share your experiences and discuss how to follow up your conversations using the ProjectDirt project space

The Are We Ready? resource and project dirt space were made with the help of the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network.

Are" class="redactor-linkify-object">">Are We Ready? from Sniffer" class="redactor-linkify-object">">Sniffer Vimeo on Vimeo.

Tool/Resource downloads
Are_we_ready_facilitators_pack.pdf(PDF format - 298.73 KB)
Are_we_ready_Info_sheet.pdf(PDF format - 859.21 KB)