Scottish businesses will face many challenges as a result of climate change impacts. However, climate change will also present business and innovation opportunities.

Weather already frequently causes business disruption and can have an influence on productivity and sales. These changes are projected to continue and intensify over the coming decades. Experts agree planning ahead rather than responding reactively will help to save you money in the long term, manage the risks and allow you to identify possible business opportunities to give you an edge over competitors.

Find out more about the potential threats and opportunities of climate change, and what action you can take to increase your resilience to climate change by exploring our interactive guidance. You can also download a PDF of the Climate Ready Business Guidance by clicking the link below.

Sniffers Climate Ready Business Briefing 2022 also provides important updates on regulatory drivers and climate risk disclosure for businesses.

Some content for these web pages and the PDF guide has been adapted from an original version produced by CLASP, West Midlands Climate Change Adaptation Partnership and Climate East Midlands