Climate Ready Places Lesson Plans

Date added: 15/02/2017

These lesson plans are aimed at increasing the capacity of young people to play an active role in planning for climate ready places.

These resources allow students to think about their place and different environments and how a changing climate might impact their place. It allows students to consider and debate the positive and negative aspects of their place and how they might improve it. These resources also provide students with an opportunity to consider their own place in the context of a changing climate.

They can be used for general education purposes to raise awareness about place-making and climate change adaptation, or more specifically to help young people express their views about changes in their environment, or to contribute effectively to any climate adaptation strategy, plan or action process. The activities in the lesson plans could be run individually over the course of several weeks, or run consecutively as a one-off lesson.

The above image is licensed and reproduced with permission from Big Stock Photo.