Adaptation board game

Date added: 28/07/2016

A fun and interactive board game that allows you to explore the challenges of climate change adaptation.

Adaptation Scotland’s climate change adaptation board game is a fun and interactive way for people to explore the challenges and opportunities that extreme weather and climate change may present, the hard decisions that need to be made, how to deal with risk and uncertainty and the financial implications of action and inaction. Decision making, creative thinking, teamwork, and communication skills are tested throughout the game.

The game was designed in partnership with Transport Scotland and was first played by 350 staff at Transport Scotland’s annual staff conference. Since then it has been tailored and made relevant for all sectors.

View the board game in action at our Climate Ready Clyde workshop

When to use the game

The game is usually played after the “introduction to adaptation” presentation which is available from Adaptation Scotland. To request the latest version of this presentation please email us at [email protected]

Playing the game

Before playing the game please read the instructions carefully. You will need at least two teams of 3-8 people, plus one person per team to play the role of banker and one Finance Minister.

To get started, download the resources at the bottom of this page.

What do you think?

Have you played the game? Do you have any ideas about how it could be improved? If so, we would love to hear from you. Please email [email protected]

Tool/Resource downloads
Challenge_Instructions.pdf(PDF format - 487.47 KB)
Diversion_1_Instructions.pdf(PDF format - 440.66 KB)
Diversion_2_Instructions.pdf(PDF format - 443.53 KB)
Game_Board.pdf(PDF format - 525.93 KB)
Game_Instructions.pdf(PDF format - 438.64 KB)
Money_and_Credit_Card_templates.pdf(PDF format - 125.59 KB)