Climate Change Risk Assessment Guidance & Tools

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Date added: 15/05/2019

Guidance and support for Strategic and Project-level climate change risk assesments

Adaptation Scotland have developed guidance and tools to support organisations in undertaking climate change risk assessments. Climate risk assessments may be strategic, evaluating climate risks across your organisation or key services / asset portfolios or they may be project- level, examining climate risks in relation to a specific action, project or asset. 'Connecting climate risk and strategic priorities: Guide to strategic climate change risk assessments' can be downloaded along with editable versions of the risk assessment templates in the accompanying Excel spreadsheet.

Climate Ready Clyde and Adaptation Scotland also collaborated to produce a toolkit for assessing and addressing risks in the development of infrastructure, built environment and regeneration projects, from early screening to risk assessments and adaptation planning, in a way which is aligned to the processes required by the majority of international financing and funding institutions, to reduce the barriers to successfully financing adaptation projects.

The toolkit outlines the changing financial and regulatory contexts for project development, and provides knowledge and practical tools to allow organisations to consider risks alongside the development of business cases and delivery of projects. It also includes four project examples from Glasgow City Region which are embracing this approach. The toolkit are flexible, and designed to be customised to fit individual organisation’s or area’s own unique context. The full toolkit and individual tools are available below.

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