Climate risk management plan template

Date added: 28/07/2016

A report template to help businesses plan for climate risks.

Adaptation Scotland has developed a climate risk management plan template for businesses. The template provides a methodology to help businesses answer two key questions:

  1. How could climate change affect business continuity and efficiency? Users identify vulnerable assets, processes, people and supply chains (and their interdependencies) to consider how they are already affected by severe weather, and how this might change in future.
  2. In light of these threats and opportunities, what can we do to increase resilience, enhance efficiency, add value and save money? Users explore ways to manage their risks by reducing threats and capitalising on opportunities.

The report template is editable to allow you to collate information specifically for your business.

Please note that the template is designed to be edited in Adobe Reader. We therefore recommend all users download the free Adobe Reader software and then save the document before starting to use it.

If you would like help using the template, please get in touch with [email protected]

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