TAYplan: adaptation workshops for planners


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Date added: 21/07/2016

Adaptation Scotland and TAYplan identified the need for training workshops to enhance planners understanding of climate change adaptation. Together with partners from the Key Agencies Group and Perth & Kinross Council, we held two workshops in February and April 2013 to explore how this could be integrated into the development planning process.

These workshops aimed to provide:

  • An introduction to climate change adaptation and the role of development planning in building climate resilience
  • An overview of the adaptation considerations that are included as part of the TAYplan Strategic Development Plan and relevant information from research commissioned to assess climate vulnerabilities for the region
  • Presentations and / or workshop activities that would allow participants to explore how the adaptation considerations included within TAYplan could flow through to Local Development Plans

The workshops provided a useful resource for those working on development plans. They were able to engage a diverse group of stakeholders on climate change adaptation and the issues and suggestions arising from the sessions will be used to inform on-going work on the development plans.

A report on the workshop can be download above– alongside presentations given at the workshops.

Pam Ewen from TAYplan also talks about the role of planning on our introductory film here:

Project downloads
TAYplan_Climate_Info_Sheet.pdf(PDF format - 932.58 KB)
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TAYplan_Workshop_Recap.pdf(PDF format - 1,304.61 KB)
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